Basalt Heat Insulation Mats

Basalt Technologies, Ltd. produces and sells the basalt stitched mats. The mats are stitched with the glass roving, basalt roving or siliceous threads on the glass cloth, hexagonal wire netting, basalt cloth or siliceous cloth basis. We also produce the unstitched cloth.

The basalt stitched mats are used as noncombustible heat insulation material in the industrial and civil engineering (heat insulation of floor, walls, roofs, bath-houses); in energetics: heat stations, hydropower stations, APP, pipe-bridge network sheathing; sheathing of industrial pipe-lines of positive and negative temperature; pipe-line sheathing of hot and cold water-supply systems; heat insulation of industrial equipment, steam generators, boilers, heat exchangers, turbines, reservoirs, combustion gas channels, drying cabinets; furnace insulation, heat insulation of thermal equipment; and for the agricultural industry.

In contrast to mineral cotton products, the basalt fiber heat insulation mats have better physicochemical parameters and at the same time are of lower density. Beside that they allow to reduce delivery costs and to lighten the heat insulation work.