Basalt Fiber and Basalt Fiber Products

Basalt Technologies, Ltd. The production of basalt continuous super thin fiber by liquid rock spinning.

The advantages of basalt thermal and acoustic insulation:

  • ecological safety
  • fire safety
  • durability
  • chemical stability
  • nonhygroscopicity
  • inactivity to insulated surfaces (corrosion protection)
  • vibration stability
  • absence of smell and discharge of poisonous substances
  • bacteria protection and rodent protection

We produce the basalt stitched mats in accordance with the technical regulations 5769-001-14361167-2006. Our products hold the shape due to long-fiber structure and do not contain binding chemical ingredients.

Density: 30-125 kg/m3
Thickness: 30-100mm
Fiber diameter: 3-10 µm
Non-fiber inclusions: more than 0,25 mm («reguluses») – not more than 20%
Temperature range is from -259° up to +900°С
Heat-conduction coefficient at t 25°С: 0,036 - 0,043 W/(m•K)
Inflammability: non-inflammable
Dimensions: on customer’s demand.
Coating material: glass cloth, basalt cloth, siliceous cloth, hexagonal wire netting.
Packaging: clear polyethylene film.
Delivery: by R.R. and motor transport.

The mats are used in the industrial and civil engineering, and energetics: for heat stations, hydropower stations, APP, pipe-bridge network sheathing; sheathing of industrial pipe-lines of positive and negative temperature; pipe-line sheathing of hot and cold water-supply systems; heat insulation of industrial equipment, steam generators, boilers, heat exchangers, turbines, reservoirs, combustion gas channels, drying cabinets; furnace insulation, heat insulation of thermal equipment; and for the agricultural industry.

Recommendations for Heat Insulation Work

The heat insulation work is closely related to the compliance with the safety regulations and with the skin and respiratory protection rules. The following protective devices are used for the execution of heat insulation work with basalt (stone) cotton:

  • Respiratory protective devices: respirators “Lepestok” according to GOST 12.4.028;
  • Skin protection: special cloths and gloves according to the standard regulations.