The basalt heat insulation material is ecologically safe, non-inflammable, and chemical-resistant. It does not require untimely repairs, and its service life is unlimited. It may be exploited in a wide temperature range from – 259 °С to + 900 °С which is its absolute merit. It is highly important that the basalt heat insulation material is breathing, inactive to insulated surfaces, and does not allow pathogenic bacteria. It is nonhygroscopic, and it does not excrete harmful substances in every medium. Besides that such heat insulation material provides 12-fold impact protection, vibration and noise insulation. According to calculations, 10 cm layer of basalt heat insulation material is equivalent to 1 meter of brickwork in heat-insulating qualities.

With such service advantages basalt heat insulation material is slightly more expensive than its counterparts. This is a necessary, but not high payment for the fire safety, ecological cleanness and durability. After all, in present day the price-quality ratio is unambiguously in favor of basalt heat insulation materials and basalt fiber materials.

Basalt Technologies, Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of basalt heat insulation materials. Our company has internalized the production and supply of the mineral basalt cotton heat insulation materials. Basalt Technologies, Ltd. specializes in the design of the equipment for the production of basalt heat insulation materials, renders services in the starting-up and adjustment of thin basalt fiber production lines, renders consulting services in the construction of heat insulation materials factories.



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