Hexagonal Wire Netting

The hexagonal wire netting is produced by means of the wire interlacing at an angle of 120 degrees. The hexagonal wire netting is twisted wire netting with hexagonal meshes.

The hexagonal wire interlacing forms honeycomb-shape meshes which allow diffusing the horizontal voltages from one point to the wire netting surface thus protecting the reinforced material.

The use of low-carbon wire and a special twisting production method make the hexagonal wire netting flexible and impart the outstanding mechanical and strength properties to the wire netting linen.

The hexagonal wire netting subjects to Foucault currents to a lesser degree than the welded wire mesh due to the absence of welds which increases its electro corrosion resistance.

The hexagonal wire netting is used to reinforce the high-temperature mats. It allows

  • to produce high-temperature mats (up to +850°С);
  • to produce mats of different sizes which enables the comfortable use of the product when, for example, strapping along the perimeter of different aggregates;
  • to prevent the mat crumbling;
  • to hold the geometrical shape of the heat insulation material when installing it.